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Balance blocks 10pc

🦕Colorful Stacking Dinosaurs: The Dinosaur Brick Set includes 10pcs Dinosaurs and 1 Balance Base. Kids can learn to recognize different dinosaurs through their shapes. At the same time, they can also perceive and learn color classification in the stacking and balancing process.

🦕STEM Learning: The animal balance Dinosaur Stacking toys can exercise children's concentration power, thinking ability, hands-on ability, and patience. Kids will learn to discover an approach to perfectly balance different dinosaurs during observation and practices.

🦕Fun to play: Beginners can try stacking wooden blocks on a flat surface. Still, a more challenging way is to stack dinosaurs on the balance base. This stacking animal toy is also suitable for parents, teachers, and kids to play together.

🦕High-quality educational toys: Made of eco-friendly wood and non-toxic water-based paint, BPA-free, smooth surface and edges.