****** Masks are necessary for all ages during fossil prep. ******


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Our Team

Starting as just a two person fossil wholesaler and restoration business back in 2004, Dino Lab Inc has slowly evolved over the years into a 3-part business: a working prep lab restoring some of the world’s rarest fossils, an educational destination for learning about (and touching!) fossils, and an incredible Prehistoric Boutique.

Beginning as a wholesaler of fossils to museums, galleries, and collectors, they found that many of their pieces required some extra care to look their best (they rarely come out of the ground completely intact). Terry put his primary focus on the aquisition and restoration of the specimens and Carly began planning a business that would involve welcoming and educating the community.

Fast forward to 2018 Dino Lab Inc became not just a concept, but a fully actualized dream. A hands on dinosaur experience meant to inspire a whole new generation of natural history enthusiasts.

(They give credit to their friends and family, for their encouragement and support.)

 "To do what we do, we have to have a team that’s at the top of their field. Not only a highly skilled, but an authentic, mutually supportive family. Pictured below are these people. If we had a megaphone we’d be yelling at the top of our lungs about how much we appreciate them.

Alas, this is the internet so bolded text, a photo shoot, and witty captions will have to do.

Thanks team, you ARE Dino Lab!"