****** Masks are necessary for all ages during fossil prep. ******


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Come join us in our newest immersive, hands-on sessions.

Unveil the remnants of time gone by.

What to Expect

When a fossil is found it's covered in layers of rock, which needs to be carefully removed in order to see the full fossil. During this hands-on experience, participants get to learn how to take this rock layer off of real specimens under the trained guidance of our educating staff. 

Participants are encouraged to bring their own fossils to work on, or they can work on the ones we provide. Our educators might be able to help you identify what you’ve brought in, or how old they might be as well! 

Participants will also be given the chance to purchase the specimens they work on, allowing your love of fossil work to continue at home.

What dates are available?

These tours will run on July 22nd, 26th, 30th and 31st at both 9am and 1pm so book your spot today before they fill up!

How long is the experience?

60 minutes

What ages can attend?

Anyone age 4 and older can attend these sessions.

Please note that for children aged 4-12, a supervising adult (18+ years old) needs to accompany the child. These supervising adults don’t need to pay admission if they are not working on fossils themselves, but will be required to wear safety equipment.

Ages 13+ can attend unaccompanied.

What's the cost?

This one hour experience costs $20 per person, with supervising adults getting to observe for free!

What's the class size?

Because of the in-depth nature of this experience, we are limiting the group sizes to 5 participants. This allows every visitor to get as much guidance as possible in identifying the difference between a rock and a fossil, and ensuring that our guides can keep everyone and everything safe during the excavations.

A Note About Safety

A safety demonstration will be given at the beginning of every session to ensure we all know how to operate the power tools provided (similar to in our full dinosaur experience), and you will get a more in depth understanding of how the tools work and are taken care of.  Our staff reserve the right to halt any fossil work that is deemed to be unsafe to the fossils, other participants, or guides, and fossils that are intentionally damaged will be purchased by those responsible, (even though we hope it never comes to that).