****** Masks are necessary for all ages during fossil prep. ******


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The NHM Fossils Sticker Book

A fun and informative introduction to fossils, packed with fascinating facts, puzzles, games, and 100 reusable stickers

This colorful activity book is crammed with 100 re-useable stickers of fossilized plants and animals that lived a long time ago, from ancient sea creatures and dinosaur claws to whole cockroaches preserved in amber. The stickers are accompanied by informative sections on how fossils form, the different types of fossil that can be found, and what they can tell us about what the world was like millions, or even billions, of years ago. There is plenty of fossil fun to be found too, with some exciting games including a dot-to-dot puzzle and a dinosaur maze. The book contains bite-size facts about many of the creatures featured, so young children can discover what fossils actually are and what they can look like in a fun and engaging way. They can also create their own fossil dig by adding stickers to a fantastic double page spread.

Publisher ‏: ‎Natural History Museum, London