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Signed "A Moment in Time with Albertosaurus" Hardcover book

Try to imagine the power and ferocity of a single three tonne carnivorous dinosaur. Then, imagine nine or ten of these beasts living and hunting together as a pack. This frightening thought was reality for many herbivores that lived alongside the mighty members of the tyrannosaur family. This book is written for children of all ages and is a story about the adventures of Albertosaurus, the tyrannosaur family member whose fossilised remains we have had the most opportunity to study. In 1910, Barnum Brown of the American Museum of Natural History (New York) discovered a bone bed along the Red Deer River in Alberta, Canada. Not until 1996 was the full significance of this discovery realised. Currently the bones of nine Albertosaurus have been uncovered. This has provided the first real evidence of packing behavior among large carnivorous dinosaurs. This bone bed also makes us question what catastrophic event caused at least nine of these amazing animals to die at the same time. Numerous other fossil sites in Alberta paint a picture of dinosaur life in the late Cretaceous period. It was information from these fossil sites that enabled us to write this book. The story, even though a work of fiction, uses the actual scientific information known about Albertosaurus. These facts are presented at the end of the story. A Moment In Time With Albertosaurus is the second book in a series of stories. The series will focus on the scientific facts known about specific prehistoric animals. This information will bring a moment in time to life for you.

Eric P. Felber, Philip J. Currie, Jan Sovak.

Signed by Dr. Philip Currie