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Straight from the feature length Dino Dana film comes Stygimoloch, the spiky bone-headed dinosaur. Was Stygimoloch a transitional growth stage of Pachycephalosaurus? Dino Dana: The Movie addresses this question. Learn about different growth stages of this dinosaur with our Stygimoloch dinosaur toy figure. 

Scientific Name: Stygimoloch spinifer ("Thorny Moloch [a horned deity] of the River Styx [a river from Ancient Greek Mythology that leads to the underworld]")

Characteristics: This dinosaur toy figurine features details and coloration right out of the Dino Dana film, including a rosy red body with lighter splotches along its length. But that's not all - by using your phone to scan the QR code on the figure’s hangtag and downloading the Dino Dana app, you can scan the figure’s barcode to make this Stygimoloch "come alive" in an Augmented Reality environment!

Size: This Stygimoloch figure measures just over 8 inches and just under 3 1/2 inches tall.

The Dino Dana Stygimoloch figure is part of the Dino Dana collection.

Non-toxic and BPA free.